The Signs of Christmas

December 24, 2021
Pastor Nathan Pfeiffer

Bells. Christmas trees. Ribbons and bows. Stars. Wreaths. Lights. Holly. Mistletoe. We see these things all around us, and they all tell us it is Christmastime. You may have many of these items in your homes. Perhaps you even have an Advent wreath or a nativity scene set up in your living room. There are so many images that remind us of Christmas, and without them Christmas seems almost empty. But what do they all mean? The church has a rich heritage of symbolism tracing back to the beginning of the world. Look around at our church building and consider the many images that surround us. They initially serve as reminders, but upon further inspection they teach us truths about God and his Word.

Educational psychologists tell us that we learn best if all of our senses are engaged in the learning process. At Christmas we hear the familiar music and the Christmas story, taste the food, smell the lit candles, see the lavish adornments, and greet our family and friends. Our service tonight focuses on how God speaks to us through the many visual symbols that he has given us through the ages to remind us of the history of his people, to instruct us in his plan of salvation, to support our understanding of his truths, and to beautify our worship.

As you worship tonight, take special note of these symbols and signs that we are given to focus on Christ’s birth at Bethlehem.