Lessons from the Christmas Story

Lessons from the Christmas Story

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Lessons from the Christmas Story

1.  The hand of God’s power and providence in planning, prophesying, directing, and effecting Christmas in everything and everyone connected with Christmas both men and nations, both time and circumstances, both great miracles and the most minute details all of this in His hands that He might bring Christmas to pass and that He might bring His Son into the world as our Savior.

2.  The depth of divine love that lie behind and throughout the Christmas story. God giving up his beloved, only-begotten Son. His Son willingly giving up the glory of heaven for life in this dark and broken world.  And for a indescribable suffering of hell and death and for absolutely no other reason than His great love for us and his desire that he might restore us to that loving relationship with him for time and for eternity.

3.  The profound mystery and miracle of the incarnation itself.  As only God could accomplish the impossible. The Word becoming flesh. The Holy Spirit and the power of the Highest overshadowing  the womb of this young maiden in bringing about a life – the life of the God-Man – our Savior, Jesus Christ, who only in this way could represent us before God.

4.  The vital role played by God’s holy angels, specially commissioned from heaven, to both proclaim the Christmas message and to lead the chants of praise “Glory to God in the Highest” which is the essence not only of our Christmas but our lives and of our worship and of our heavenly existence.

5.  The incredible constrast between our dark world’s rejection of its only light and hope and the wonderful faith and joy that we find in God’s children throughout the Christmas story. all of whom welcomed and worshipped the holy child as their long-promised Messiah and Savior: Zecharias, Elizabeth, Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, and later, Anna, Simeon, and the Magi.

Contempory translation ending with heavenly Christmas excerpts from Revelation 19 & 20

Hymn TLH 84 : Christians, Awake Hymnary.org link

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