"Saints of God, the Dawn is Brightening"
by Mary Maxwell, (date unknown)
Text From:
(St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1941)

1. Saints of God, the dawn is bright'ning,
Token of our coming Lord;
O'er the earth the field is whit'ning;
Louder rings the Master's word:
Pray for reapers, Pray for reapers,
In the harvest of the Lord!

2. Now, O Lord, fulfil Thy pleasure,
Breathe upon Thy chosen band,
And with Pentecostal measure
Send forth reapers o'er our land,
Faithful reapers, Faithful reapers,
Gath'ring sheaves for Thy right hand.

3. Soon shall end the time of weeping,
Soon the reaping time will come,
Heav'n and earth together keeping
God's eternal Harvest-home.
Saints and angels, saints and angels,
Shout the world's great Harvest-home.

Hymn #502 from _The Lutheran Hymnal_
Text: John 4:35
Author: Mary Maxwell, 1849, ab.
Composer: Henry Smart, 1867
Tune: "Regent Square"