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Berea Library Blessed are those that hear the Word of God and obey it

Berea Lutheran Church Library Berea Library Blessed are those that hear the Word of God and obey it

Berea’s Audio Sermons 

Evangelism Documents – documents to provide direction and encouragement in seeking ways to share the Gospel

How We Are Saved – A brief explanation of what Jesus Christ has done for us

What We Teach About… – A brief explanation of selected Bible teachings with Bible references.

Berea’s Constitution (updated Dec-2013)

Church of the Lutheran Confession (CLC)
Library Publications

The Lutheran Spokesman – The CLC’s monthly magazine

The Journal of Theology (current issue as a PDF document) – A quarterly theological magazine archive)

God’s Hands in Our Lives – The CLC Sunday School series for children

Learn From Me – An adult instruction course

Ministry by Mail – A weekly publication that offers sermons by mail

What Does the Bible Say? – A search engine containing biblical quotes that answer common questions

Daily E-Mail Devotions – Subscribe to receive daily devotions in your email box

Bread of Life Devotional – A Daily Devotion from The Lutheran Spokesman. Subscribe via RSS or Follow through email

Daily Walk Chapel Addresses – The daily walk at Immanuel Lutheran College in Eau Claire, WI includes a ten minute chapel service delivered by professors, guest pastors or seminary students.

Branches – A Bible-based Christian women’s magazine.

The Shepherd Kindly Calls – An article that brings the Gospel message in very brief and simple sentences.